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sea ice_measurementSea ice is an important contributor to global climate changes. Specifically, sea ice thickness helps to understand ocean circulation and heat transfer.  The ability to capture more information about global sea ice thickness has advanced considerably and remote sensing satellites are now providing key measurement capabilities and results. 
CostaConcordiaThe Hexagon year-end report for 2011 just came out, and there is a recorded webinar with slides and an overview from Ola Rollen, president and CEO, that is available online. Overall, the year was a good one for the company with 18 percent increase in net sales, and an increase of operating earnings of 18 percent. Rollen’s commentary highlighted many different areas of performance and business change.
tsunami sensorIn the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami, Japan is investing in sensors and systems to ensure resilience. The country looks for more real-time feedbacks, and better predictive models, in order to better prepare and reduce impacts from future disasters. The devastating economic impacts, with many people displaced by both the waves and subsequent radiation leaks, have led to a new awareness of risks and impacts.

cadastralAcross the world, the issue of clear land title for agricultural lands is seen as the baseline for economic development. The majority of people in the world lack any enforceable claim to their homes or the land they farm. Without land rights and records, there is a cycle of poverty and social inequalities. The lack of property rights strips the ability to generate equity that can be used to borrow against for an education or to start a business. The lack of property also strips a country’s economy of large amounts of wealth, and stifles the ability of its citizens to escape poverty.

China surveying and mappingThe Surveying, Geographic Information and Map Division in China asserted it's overall 2012 strategy this past week at a plenary meeting. Min Yi-jen acted as deputy director of the meeting, which focused upon new requirements and a re-mobilization that included cultural mapping, better planning, moving forward faster and realizing results. The Council designated nine main tasks, two of them directed at the Geographic Information and Map division.

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