Monday, 27 April 2015


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A growing trend toward more unexpected urban emergencies requires a scientific approach to support urban emergency management. The concept of a resilient city is an effort in that direction, but it hasn't yet been well defined. A team of Chinese researchers have proposed a dynamic geo-simulation model to integrate data sources, simulate complex geographic processes and improve urban public safety with better emergency response.

asiapac disasterThe Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Japan are to help developing countries in Asia and the Pacific tap the latest technologies, including satellite maps, to help them prepare and respond more effectively and quickly to natural disasters.

 Tamil Nadu constructionThe World Bank today approved a $400 million loan for the Tamil Nadu Sustainable Urban Development Project to help strengthen the financial and administrative capacity of Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) in planning, financing and delivering services in a financially sustainable manner. It will also pilot best practices in urban management in select cities.

MIT Satellites Dev 01 1Projects that target aid toward villages and rural areas in the developing world often face time-consuming challenges, even at the most basic level of figuring out where the most appropriate sites are for pilot programs or deployment of new systems such as solar-power for regions that have no access to electricity. Often, even the sizes and locations of villages are poorly mapped, so time-consuming field studies are needed to locate suitable sites.

terralogiqGoing beyond simply mapping, Jakarta-based TerralogiQ creates dashboards that allow its customers to track change and monitor the location and performance of assets. The company has amassed a number of notable corporate and government clints in Indonesia, including plantation owners and the national search and resucue organization BASERNAS.

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