Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Industry Interview

Taylor JohnBentley Systems has a tagline of, “Sustaining the World’s Infrastructure,” and an aligned toolset that has made inroads in the efficiency and performance of infrastructure projects. Asian Surveying & Mapping editor Matt Ball recently spoke with John Taylor, Industry Solutions Director, GIS, Government and Defence at Bentley Systems out of its Brisbane, Australia office. The conversation covered the company’s tools for point cloud management and manipulation as well as the growing ubiquity of 3D models, and the rapid development taking place in Southeast Asia that is driving new approaches to infrastructure creation and maintenance.

Dangermond JackEsri has continued to expand their mapping and geospatial offerings, staying in tune with broader technology trends. Their latest extension of Web-based GIS functionality adds a great deal of data, and the ability to do many traditional geospatial analysis functions online without opening desktop software. Sensors & Systems (S&S) editor Matt Ball spoke recently with Jack Dangermond, president of Esri, about the company’s Web GIS direction, and the ongoing provisioning of ArcGIS Online.

thumb gaoNexteq Navigation is a leading developer of Precise Point Positioning (PPP) technology. This GNSS approach aims to provide high-accuracy positioning through the use of a single receiver involving satellite derived global corrections. The company's 'Freedom' technology provides improved results, with a 50% increase in accuracy - using internet communicated corrections in real-time. Vector1 Media editor Jeff Thurston interviewed Dr. Yang Gao, CEO of Nexteq Navigation Corporation in Calgary, Canada recently.

Shoshe thumbThe Eye on Earth (EOE) network has garnered a great deal of praise for providing European environmental data openly and transparently, including widespread kudos for a new platform that was launched at the Rio+20 meeting this year. EOE started out as a joint project of the European Environment Agency (EEA) and Microsoft, and recently added Esri. Special correspondent Matteo Luccio spoke with Shoshanna Budzianowski, partner group program manager, Business Platform Group, Microsoft Corporation, who heads up the EOE project, about the ongoing development and the evolution to a cloud-based platform running on Microsoft’s Azure platform and the addition of Esri's ArcGIS Online.

thumb Alois_GeierlehnerThere are few suppliers today that provide a full range of surveying technology ranging from robotic total stations through to GNSS for surveying instruments - GeoMax is one of them. The company aims to deliver a price-to-performance advantage. Asian Surveying and Mapping editor Jeff Thurston interviewed Alois Geierlehner, business director at GeoMax to learn more about these advantages and some of the new technologies the company is producing for international markets.

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