Saturday, 30 May 2015

Astrium Go3SEuropean satellite builder Astrium has a wide-area geostationary surveillance and observation platform planned, and is looking to an Asian country to become the partner on the project. The GO-3S satellite is planned for 36,000 km orbit where it will take 3-meter resolution images at the rate of five images per second over an area of 100 km x 100 km for 14 hours per day, capable of covering one quarter of the Earth's surface each day. The large satellite will be 10-meters long and weigh 4.9 tons.

Singapore is one of the targeted Asian countries to help fulfill the satellite's mission. The Global Satellite and Technology Convention in Singapore was the site of the company's appeal. The yearly event is Asia's premier space and technology event, showcasing the latest technology in space engineering and design.


Astrium has invested a great deal in research and engineering to this point and is looking to country to invest in the program in return for dedicated capacity and shared revenue. The satellite is designed to have a 15-year lifespan, with construction beginning in 2016 and launch by 2020.


The configuration of this satellite, and its capabilities, is an entirely new earth observation satellite category. The company is betting that this leading-edge technology will appeal to an Asian country such as Singapore that thrives on technology innovation.


Learn more about the GO-3S satellite here.


Sources: Aviation Week



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