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MIT Satellites Dev 01 1Projects that target aid toward villages and rural areas in the developing world often face time-consuming challenges, even at the most basic level of figuring out where the most appropriate sites are for pilot programs or deployment of new systems such as solar-power for regions that have no access to electricity. Often, even the sizes and locations of villages are poorly mapped, so time-consuming field studies are needed to locate suitable sites.

terralogiqGoing beyond simply mapping, Jakarta-based TerralogiQ creates dashboards that allow its customers to track change and monitor the location and performance of assets. The company has amassed a number of notable corporate and government clints in Indonesia, including plantation owners and the national search and resucue organization BASERNAS.

cyclone marciaEmergency crews armed with mobile mapping technology have significantly accelerated the recovery from Tropical Cyclone Marcia, assessing damage from the air and by road while the storm was still on its path of destruction.

ArchAerialThere are more than 100 million landmines that are still buried around the world in war-torn nations. These unexploded ordinances (UXOs) are still deadly, in fact they still kill up to 20,000 people every year. A special drone has been developed by Arch Aerial to help NGOs working on UXO mapping and remediation in Laos.

MH370 BathymetryThe Joint Agency Coordination Centre (JACC) is the lead agency in the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, coordinating all Australian Government assistance and is responsible for all government information, including keeping the public informed of the progress of the search. Geoscience Australia provides advice, expertise and support including sea floor mapping (bathymetric surveys) to aid the underwater search.

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