Sunday, 20 April 2014


qi wall2The Field Museum of Chicago, USA, along with Shandong University in China, are collaborating on the mapping of a great wall in eastern Shandong Province China that pre-dates the more famous Great wall. The wall was erected in the Warring States period under the Qin Dynasty (221 BC) when large armies clashed, and when the construction of fortified walls were first started.

gsi mapThe Geological Survey of India (GSI) has just received its own helicopter-based geophysical survey system, which has been integrated on their advanced light helicopter. The system was manufactured by Pico Environtec of Canada, and integrated on the chopper by the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.

globalwindThe Group on Earth Observations met in Geneva, Switzerland this week (Jan. 13-17, 2014), with an agenda to discuss the partnership among governments and international organizations to monitor and understand the Earth. Key to much of the discussion was the need to make data readily accessible for research and third-party entities that utilize the data to create economic value.

MumbaiThe Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation is working toward a separate urban planning department for ongoing spatial planning. The new department would include experts from housing, environmental planning and transportation. At the center would be the creation of a systematicGIS database with maps, data, population patterns, etc.

subduction mapResearchers have been hard at work trying to understand the root cause of large earthquakes that take place where one continental plate goes below another and into the Earth's interior. The effort is of particular interest given a series of large earthquakes that have taken place around the globe within the past decade, with better forecasting possibly leading to hundreds of thousands of lives saved.

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