Tuesday, 02 September 2014
SuperGeo Technologies assists Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) in upgrading the latest SuperGIS 3 software, including SuperPad 3.1, SuperGIS Desktop 3.1, and the extensions. The new versions of SuperGIS products increase powerful features that can fulfill various application needs for GIS professionals.

To increase more capabilities to SuperGIS Desktop 3.1, SuperGIS Spatial Analyst 3 is launched for advanced spatial analysis. With the new hydrology analysis function, the specialized tool offering 11 methods that enable hydrologists to extract new information from hydrologic data.   

The latest SuperGIS Network Analyst 3 can support hierarchy setting, time window setting, and direction window, through which you can accomplish route planning more efficiently and easily solve the network problems in wide range of applications.

With enhanced user interface and newly added SBAS extension, SuperPad 3.1 simplifies the manipulation for surveyors and optimizes the accuracy of GPS data collection. Moreover, SuperPad 3.1 improves its efficiency of online editing for the maps published by SuperGIS Server, making data updating more effectively.

International Integrated Environmental Services Ltd. (IIES), the SuperGeo’s excusive distributor in Kuwait, contributes to the procurements from KISR. Integrating new GIS technologies with the relationships between different environmental sciences, IIES is able to offer professional GIS services to support environment-related services. With the continuous support from KISR, IIES and SuperGeo will keep providing advanced GIS solutions for the local clients.

IIES official website: http://iies-kw.com/en-us/home.aspx

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