Thursday, 17 April 2014

Event Coverage

The First 3D Malaysia 2013 conference with the theme “3D Data for Sustainable Development” was jointly organized by DES Mapping and Intermap, USA. in Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur on January 22nd. Over 120 participants from relevant Government agencies, private sectors and academia attended the event.

The 35th International Symposium for Remote Sensing of the Environment (ISRSE35) is to be held in Beijing from 22-26 April, 2013. This is the first symposium in the series to be held in China. The first ISRSE was convened in 1962, and brought together scientists from around the world to exchange technical information on an emerging technology called remote sensing, a technology that provided the capability to view the Earth from high-altitude aircraft and, ultimately, spacecraft. In its 50 years of development, Earth observation has advanced significantly, and remote sensing has become a mature technology for observing the Earth and monitoring global environmental change. In this symposium, we will focus on the theories and applications that make Earth observation a crucial element in the study of phenomena related to global environment change. This symposium will also review the progress of the remote sensing, and prospects for its future development, and celebrate its half-century history.

fig_2_-_simcity2_500The 20th century electricity network was not designed for our 21st century Wii and plasma TV lifestyle and the expectation of uninterrupted power for our computers.With more extreme summer temperatures, houses without eaves that are locked up all day while both parents are at work, we all get home at 5pm, turn on the airconditioner full blast and wonder why the grid overloads.


water1At last week’s GITA conference in Brisbane Australia John Culleton, CEO of the Colleambally irrigation area set about busting some commonly held myths about irrigation. Colleambally irrigates 300,000 hectares in Australia’s Murray Darling Basin where farmers grow rice, maize, wheat, vegetables and livestock depending on the amount of water available.

figsydney100Keynote speaker at the XXIV FIG Conference in Sydney was Tim Flannery, writer, professor and conservationist and “one of the great explorers of modern time” according to Sir David Attenborough. Expanding on the conference theme “Facing the challenges, building the capacity” Flannery, who is chairman of the International Climate Change Council, homed in on the role of surveyors and land professionals in both contributing to solutions for climate change and convincing the public to take it seriously.

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